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No Drill and Fill at RMK
... and why you don't want it

RMK Cartridge does the remanufacturer right

No Drill and Fill at RMK, Only high Quality Remanufacturing
We only sell you fully REMANUFACTURED
and 100% Guaranteed Ink and Toner
RMK Cartridges Inc does not sell "drill and fill" toner cartridges.

Everyone would agree that its important that when you open a
RMK Cartridge box and install the toner it works.  No one expects
that the product in the box, our signature and your trust be compromised.

RMK Cartridge Inc has a very strict no drill and fill policy. 

So what's the difference really?
When a toner cartridge has a hole drilled in it and some toner added then a piece
of tape put over the hole it is not remanufactured.  End of story.

RMK Cartridge completely disassembles the cartridge, replaces internal parts that
wear and cause poor print quality.  After inspection and bringing the cartridge to a
"like new" condition we fill the cartridge with a precisely measured amount
of toner, the right amount of toner and then we put our stamp on the quality finished
product.  NO guess work, NO shortcuts and NO drill and fill.

That's why at RMK Cartridge Inc we only sell you fully
Remanufactured and 100% Guaranteed Ink and Toner

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